When Will We Get Robbed?

28 11 2007

Posted by: Chris

Taking Bets Now

So, the question isn’t “will we get robbed?” It is, “when will we get robbed?” I thought it would be fun to take bets, so post your comments below on the following 4 bets:

1) When will we get robbed? Or more appropriately, how many days/months can we travel before we get robbed?
2) How many times will we get robbed?
Note–must make comment below before we are actually robbed, or it doesn’t count.


3) I will be fine, but Laura’s screwed.

4) Laura will be fine, but my ass better get some insurance.

Any takers?



3 responses

6 12 2007
Sarah Rivlin

Just as a quick clarification: Will we be disqualified if we pay some of our connections in worldwide organized crime networks to make CERTAIN that our bet wins?

12 12 2007

3 months

8 05 2008

Ha! Love that Sarah. I think any self respecting robber would be terrified to rob Laura.

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