Happily Ever After?

29 11 2007

Posted by: Laura

Soon after people grasp the idea that we have quit our jobs to wander around the world for a year, they generally ask, “You’re really going to travel for an entire year with one person?” So if Chris is going to take a poll deciding when we get robbed, then I’m going to poll our traveling compatibility.

1. Will I ditch Chris to train with the Malawi cross country team? (They are taking applications. Kenya is not.)

2. Will Chris join a traveling Lebanese folk band and begin touring around the Middle East?

3. Will we actually make it a year without killing each other?

Vote now.



4 responses

30 11 2007

I propose option #4 will take place:

4) Laura will run off with a tall, dark, and handsome Brazillian, which will lead Chris into a deep depression and his only option, in his mind, is to join an African tribe and live forever in the jungle where no one can find him. Then about 6 months later, the jealous nature of Laura’s tall, dark, and hansome Brazillian will become unbearable. At this point, she will travel to Africa, find Chris, and they will live happilly ever after and continue their journey around the world. This dilema, of course, will push their return time back to June 2009.

4 12 2007

#3. Me, being the eternal optimist in our friendship, believes that Chris and Laura will make it without killing each other. This- considering they will spend half of the year apart while one, or both of them is wandering around some exotic city completely lost with no idea how to find the other, and so – absense making the heart grow fonder- will foster the undying love that only the fear of being separated can cause.

12 12 2007

They’ll be fine.

15 12 2007

Having been lucky the lucky one to live with them 🙂 for an entire year I predict they’ll come back stronger, happier and richer (with life’s experiences) than with what they left!!

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