One in 18 million

5 12 2007

Posted by: Laura

The population of Mexico City is 18 million. From what Ive noticed, Im one of the only blonde people in the entire city. I think our current count is up to 13 (that includes fake blondes as well). I guess that makes me about 1 in 18 million. I have also found that people are incredibly willing to help with directions. Even so, within 24 hours of beginning our journey, I managed to get us lost. However, I have to add that within 36 hours, Chris managed to spill something down the front of his shirt. I supposed its to be expected.

P.S. Chris is posting soon. This beautiful website is a product of his work and he is busy doing the behind the scenes editing for the site, so I am getting to do the fun part and write the posts.




5 responses

6 12 2007

man! and I used to think you were only 1 in a million. boy was I wrong!
i am excited about this website and the fact that i know both of you. woohoo!

6 12 2007
Sarah Rivlin

No. That makes you 1 in 13 in 18 million. So you can just get up off your high horse right about now.


7 12 2007

AWESOME website!! Thanks Chris!! :-))
Happy Birthday Andrew!! :-))
Laura, your posts are GREAT!!
I’m sure y’all are having lots of fun, even with “no water and power”.
Keep us posted about your grand adventure!
And Happy Early Birthday to you, too, Laura!! :-))
Love always, Causey

7 12 2007
Brister DeCell

Hi there!
This is great! I will read this every night to find out what you are doing. I believe that the two of you will have many trials and pressures, but I think you will make it together to the end. However, the big TEST will be about 4 months into the trip around the time you head to Nepal and India, I think it will be the make or break moment, and your senses will dictate that you stay together rather than splinter into different directions.
As far as getting robbed, I think that is bad Karma to predict such a bad thing to happen. I pray that it will never happen on this trip, so my prediction is you will not get robbed the whole trip. Halleluyah!!!!

8 12 2007

Can’t remember Brister ever steering us wrong. I’ll stick with his predictions. We are thinking of you often, Laura and Chris. grace for THE journey, mary and Lance.

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