Today I walked down the Avenue of the Dead and climbed to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. How was your day?

14 12 2007

 Posted by: Chris

As I was taking a cold shower in Puerto Escondido trying to shake off a killer migraine, I noticed a roach crawling up my side and onto my underarm. We both became aware of the other at the same moment and I, much like the cockroach itself, paused calmy and assessed the situation. About 3 seconds later I, much like the cockroach, completely freaked out and starting flailing limbs around like a someone who just walked face first into a spider web. I’ve had countless random insects crawling all over me, some just curious, some with a vendetta. The roach friend is no longer in this world and I admit he did not go peacefully. A couple of the places we’ve stayed had hot water, the rest have not. We slept in mostly large dorm rooms locking valuables when we can and hugging the rest as we sleep. My earplugs definitely help block out the louder bunkmates even though I’m as loud as anyone with my violent snoring. The shared dirty bathrooms can’t handle flushed paper in the toilet or else it will clog, and thus you must throw used paper away in wastebaskets beside the stall (never enter without sandals on). Obviously air-conditioning is something I won’t feel for a long time but sometimes we get fans which really help keep me cool enough to catch some sleep(though I rarely am cool enough to actualy sleep under the cover). Our overnight bus the other day from San Cristobal to Tulum was 11 hours and included a military search of our bags at the Chiapas border. I’ve yet to learn how to sleep in a semi-reclining chair; Laura however has perfected the art of curling into a tiny ball.teotihuacan-27.jpg

The night buses do have English movies dubbed in Spanish, and my modestly successfuly attempts to figure out the plot have dramatically improved my conversational Spanish. I sleep a few disturbed hours every night, usually sweating and uncomfortable yet I awake with tons more energy than I ever did sleeping on the whatever count egyptian cotton sheets at my parents place where I rested quietly and cooly for hours. We rise, usually have some butter bread and eggs for breakfast, walk around all day long without much pause until the moment we return to the dorms to shower, eat dinner, and hopefully sleep. My sandals have torn up my feet since the’ve gone from ”too lazy to drive to the post office” to ”let’s walk around for 10 hours straight” in a matter of days, now I mostly stick to good old walking shoes. But still, I couldn’t care less. I’ve seen the largest city in North America built right on top the Aztec ruins the Spanish Conquistador Cortez destroyed. I’ve had fresh Ceviche after swimming in the small rocky cove at Puerto Escondido. I’ve slept in the middle of the jungle before hiking up to Palenque, the most impressive set of ancient ruins I’ve ever seen. I walked down the Avenue of the Dead and climbed to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. How was your day?


Travel isn’t about being comfortable. Life is much easier at home spoiled with high speed internet and mom’s fried chicken(my apologies to those non-southerners who’ve never tasted mom’s glorious fried chicken). But everyday is an adventure–good and bad ones both–but adventure nontheless. Mexico has outstanding Anthropology museums, the buses are top notch and run on time, the scenery changes dramatically and is beautiful throughout with traditional mayan culture in quaint colonial towns to beautiful white sand beaches of the Yucatan. And this is only our first stop.

Laura’ birthday is tomorrow so we’ll take it easy on the beach and splurge a bit on seafood and Pina Colada’s. Next stop, Belize.



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14 12 2007

as I sit up here staring out the window at the great city of birmingham ready to body sculpt a baby boy, I for some reason am jealous, go figure? I’m excited for you two, keep the random comments coming

16 12 2007

Hey Chris and Laura,
Happy Birthday Laura!! :-)) … Wow, what a grand adventure!! … You won’t believe this! I was having trouble getting the wood guy to deliver some fireplace logs to our house. So, I decided to just drive out to his shop, only about 30 minutes away, and get some myself. Well, after getting the wood and stacking it out back, I get in my suburban to go run some more errands. Well, you won’t believe what was crawling up my windshield, on the inside – a tarantula!! Yes, a black fuzzy tarantula! Scared me to death! Of course, I screamed! Got out, and of course, I then tried to kill it. Bad angle, though. I hit it, but it “wasn’t dead yet.” It unfortunately dropped down inside my suburban. Oh no! I knew he was hurting, and probably dead, at least dead soon, because a leg was still on the dash. Yuk!! Well, I went on about my day anyway. Later, when I arrived at Michael’s office to pick him up, I looked down at my feet, and there, next to my gas pedal, yes, was a curled up black, fuzzy spider! At least he was dead! Ah, just another day in the “big city!”
:-)) …

Well, it FINALLY cooled off here today. It’s been in near 80 everyday. It was only in the 50’s today. Finally feeling “a bit like Christmas!” :-))

Michael is doing well. We talked with his oncologist on Wednesday. Praise God, no cancer in the liver!! :-)) He definitely has chemo induced hepatitis. The doctor expects his liver to completely heal when the chemo treatments stop. So we will continue to monitor him very closely. He only has 2 more rounds – rounds 8 and 9, beginning Monday, Dec 17th and Monday, Jan 7th. So, please continue to keep him in your prayers. … The rest of us are fine – Michele finished her exams and is cleaning her room today. Cavalier is studying for exams this week. He’ll finish on Thursday. Cynthia is working a lot, double shifts on some days because of the busy Christmas season.
gg –
“Glad y’all aren’t dead on a street.” :-))
Love always,

16 12 2007


I hope you were able to eat some cake, or iced cream, or crickets.

I am in London now and will be here for a few months. Let me know when you guys are coming into London. I will try to see you if I am still here.

16 12 2007
iulius caeser

venisti vidisti vicisti. gloriousus

16 12 2007

shut up, Caeser.

16 12 2007
iulius caesar

mea es miles gloriosus. tu es non, Andrew.

16 12 2007
iulius caesar

ecce, diem natalem laurae est!

17 12 2007

Happy Birthday Laura! Chris your hair is disgusting. I think the wager should be not when will you get robbed, but rather when will something (mammal or bird) build a nest in there. Glad that you made it to Puerto Escondido and San Cristobal — PE is my 2nd favorite beach in the world. I was digging through my stuff from the summer and found the card of a good driver in Nairobi (Daniel Gwandaru Nderitu (0735-589 770 or, he’s very patient and will give you an honest fare) My roommate Rhett lived there and should be able to give you more information as you get closer to the summer. Have fun. I’m playing with the idea of coming down to Guatamala City for New Years. Think of three really good reasons and it might happen. We’ll miss you at the SA Christmas party.

18 12 2007

Happy Birthday Laura!

Do you want to trade? My office for your trip? Please? I have a nice view of the Chrysler building… it’s kind of pretty. Hello?

18 12 2007

happy birthday Laura chris, as for you, i have decided you created this site to make the rest of us feel really really bad about our lives! i wish i was there with you cuz! take care

18 12 2007

Chris, I never thought you’d get the motivation to do anything beyond watching football, making fun of Prater and Littleton, and just generally berating your friends. I’m glad to see you’re out experiencing the world. I wish I had been there to see you scream like a little girl when you found that roach.

20 12 2007

Somehow I can’t help but tell myself I knew that oneday I’d be wondering “Where in the World is Chris” – from New Orleans to who knows I must say it is an adventure going on these trips with you…I at my desk slaving away to only hear of the wonders of the world you are exploring…when my student loans are paid off (in like 20 years) I’ll come join you, but until then, I look forward to traveling with you in spirit and reading about how much fun you are having…and growing with envy that I’m not out doing the same thing…that’s what retirement is for, right? So I’ll just keep plugging away and contributing criminal amounts of hard earned dollars and cents towards taxes and “social security” hoping that one day it will it will go to more than waste! Crazy I know…what am I thinking! I am truthfully thrilled you are living life to it’s fullest and look forward to maybe visiting somewhere along the way….the best to you both and travel safe!

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