Mayan Birthday

20 12 2007

Posted by: Laura

My favorite birthdays include: my 3rd birthday when my mother burned the cake, set the smoke alarm off, and told me that the fire truck that showed up twenty minutes later was part of my birthday (luckily the firemen didn’t mind a bunch of 3 year old climbing all over their truck); my 22nd birthday when Nicola threw me a surpise toga party complete with a band and, of course, kegs; and now my 27th birthday because it‘s not every birthday that you get to spend swimming in the ocean next to Mayan ruins.

So we decided to spend a few days in Tulum, Mexico for my birthday. We found a cabana on the beach. In order to make it an affordable cabana on the beach, we had no electricity and no water. We had to walk to the other side of the hotel area to get to the shared bathroom, which of course did not have hot water.  However, I decided who needs electricity when you can only see the turquiose color of the water during the day. And who needs running water when you’re 100 meters from the beach. I don’t mean 100 meters from where the beach starts, I mean 100 meters from the water.  Did I mention you could see the Mayan ruins of Tulum down the beach?  Besides, we had our own personal guard kitty that wouldn’t leave the Cabana.  At first I thought it wanted food and saw us as every other gringo it met before, ones most likely to take sympathy and feed it.  Except it cared more for attention than food, jumping into Chris’s lap then moving to mine, then back to Chris.  I told Chris that I wanted it for my birthday. He couldn’t figure out a way to ship it home. 

Guard Kitty 

Although it was a little cloudy, we went to the Tulum ruins right after lunch. With “Indiana Chris” as my tour guide telling me everything he learned from his Pre-Columbian Anthropology courses, I wouldn’t call my self an expert on ruins, but I can climb up them like a pro. (Did you know that Pre Columbian is classified as such because it’s before Christopher Colombus? So simple. And so culturally imperialist.) Besides after traveling through Europe with Chris and dragging him to art museums in Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Munich, Vienna, I am excited to learn about anthropology now. He spent 6 hours with me in the Louvre listening to me talk about art (we did sit and eat for 30 minutes). Tulum is our 4th Mayan site to visit, and certainly not our last.  While Tulum is not as impressive as Teotihuacan, or as intact as Chichen Itza, or in the jungle like Palenque, it’s an impressive site because it sits on a cliff above the ocean.  If you go through the ruins, you can get to the beach and actually swim in the ocean and look up at the ruins.

After visiting the ruins, we had dinner on the beach and then hung out at our cabana for happy hour, which lasts from 7:30-10:00, not bad for a happy hour.  Thanks to everyone for all of your birthday emails and comments.  More pics to come–



2 responses

21 12 2007
mary and lance

Oh, Laura what a wonderful birthday and what a grand time you are having.
It is just great to keep up with you every few days on here. Thanks for every post.
Getting ready for Christmas. Where will you be?
Grace for the journey, mary and lance

1 01 2008

Happy Belated Birthday and Happy New Year!

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