Am I dating Fabio Cannavaro?

30 01 2008

Posted by: Laura 

Some people have the right height, hair color, and complexion to blend in anywhere. I am not one of these people. I get asked, “What part of the US are you from?” Chris on the other hand has had a different experience. On more than one occasion, people have mistaken him for being Italian. One of
these people was the owner of an Italian restuarant in Antigua. He informed us that Chris looks like the Italian soccer player, Cannavaro. Whenever we enter our now favorite Italian restuaruant, we are greeted with “Hola, Cannavaro!” Yesterday, a guide at the coffee museum asked Chris in Spanish, “What part of Spain are you from?”

Apparently, the name Chris is very difficult to spell in Central America. Our bus tickets and hotel reciepts have read Chis Lovis or Cris Luis. They get my name right every time.

So, I am taking a poll. Does Chris look like Canavarro?


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6 responses

1 02 2008

my vote is Yes. You should totally go to Italy now and use that likeness in your favor!

2 02 2008

Sorry Chris. My vote is no.

5 02 2008

My vote is no, but you should still go to Italy and have fun!! :-)) Glad y’all are doing well! and aren’t dead on a street! :-))

6 02 2008

maybe with a darker tan?? good thing y’all are heading for the beach…

9 02 2008
tommy and lucie


23 02 2008
Sarah Rivlin

Um, this Fabio Cannavaro fellow WISHES he could look like Chris!

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