Hell Hath No Fury Like a Scorned Guatemalan Woman

13 02 2008

Posted by: Chris 

 Our month of classes has now ended, and I understand Spanish perfectly: as long as you speak slowly, without an accent, your voice is similar in pitch to my teacher´s (Jorge), and you only use the words and verb forms I have so far learned.  We moved to our trusty hostel named ”Internacional Mochilero” for the last week of classes.  At this point we should just buy a room, as our total is up to 13 nights between Christmas, New Year´s, and now.  At one point, Laura, Andrew(Laura´s younger brother who visited for 10 days during Christmas and New Years), and I walked out of the hostel with intent to bus it to Copan, Honduras for more Mayan ruins.  After being informed the only bus that day left at 4am, we walked straight back into the hostel, heads lowered in shame; ”We need a room for 3.  Again.  Don’t mind us, we’re morons.”  

This return was because we wanted to cook hamburgers for our teachers and couldn’t at the homestay.  Jorge and Astrid are married and have been teaching for quite awhile, 17 years for Jorge.  It felt like highway robbery paying what amounted to less than $5 an hour for private lessons.  I learned more in those 4 weeks than I did in 4 semesters in college.    So after Friday’s class our Maestros came over and we cooked fried burgers, creamed corn, and sweet tea.  Laura at one point had to insist it was ok for Jorge to have more sweet tea from the jug.  He claimed he was ok, but then proceeded to drink Astrid’s tea(without her consent).    Afterward he spoke with some fervor about how simple it would be to take tea, put sugar in it, refridgerate it, and drink it when it’s hot outside.  Glad to pass on some Southern tradition.  Both teachers come highly recommended from us and we have contact info for anyone wanting to study down here themself. 

   The following Saturday we climbed Volcan Pacaya–or more appropriately–Mount Doom.  The fog, black ash, and steep climb paid hommage to JRR Tolkien.  That and the fact the Volcano is quite active and quite dangerous.  There’s no way it would ever have been legal to climb in the U.S.  Plates of hard ash cracked and slid under our feet, one time so completely I had to grab onto the hot black formations to keep from toppling over.  Some people had sticks(which children were overzealously selling) and would poke the lava that was running all underneath us, the wood burting into flames at touch.  Really weird feeling: the cold winds froze our upper half while the lava made the lower body fry. 

  Sunday we said our goodbyes.  Some of the best Italian we´ve ever eaten in our life came from a little botique hotel named ”Casa Vecchia.”  The owner would be the Italian who refers to me as ”Cannavaro,” a great guy and a beautiful hotel.  Our British housmate during the homestay named James was now staying at the hostel across the street.  He broke Chichi’s(the mother) rules when he brought a girl home overnight.  So, she kicked him out of the house–though kept two weeks worth of money–and then explained to us that in her culture it was considered prostitution.  And that my friends was an uncomfortable conversation.  ”James es loco!”  Yes ma’am, he is.  Whatever you say, just slow down a little because I can´t understand a word of the 90 mile an hour Spanish gibberish.  We never got into Angry mama speak during lessons. 



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17 02 2008

Wow! More great adventures! :-)) So, where are y’all off to now? Glad y’all are having fun! We’re fine. Michael continues to improve everyday. :-)) Cavalier and Michael have been working on Cavalier’s labyrinth. Cav had a day off on Friday and another on Monday, so Michael is taking a vacation days so we can work on it. We’ve just gotten started with laying the brick pavers. Cavalier can ask friends to help now. We’re hoping he’ll get it finished by Easter. :-)) gg – we’re heading off to church. :-)) Love, Causey

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