Walk on Water

31 03 2008

Posted by: Laura & Chris

Laura: When Chris lived in California, his football Sunday routine consisted of waking up at 9:30 am and dragging his big, fuzzy blanket downstairs to the huge projector screen TV, where he would consecutively watch three games of football. His roommate, Karen, would return to their house after a day of hiking, riding horses, or hanging out at the beach to find Chris still in his pajamas watching TV. She loved to make fun of him for missing the beautiful California weather.

Our second stop in Panama was a group of jungle covered islands called Bocas del Toro. After our intense jungle hiking, we needed a day to relax. We stayed on the smaller, less crowded island, Bastimentos. Our hostel was built on a pier, so that you could actually see the water through the floor of our room. A few hammocks hung at the end of the pier covered by a thatched roof. The German couple who owned the hostel cooked excellent food, so we didn´t need to go anywhere else. The beaches looked nice, but the sand flies and strong currents helped us to decide to relax at the hostel. Because our island had no paved roads and because I promised Chris´dad I wouldn´t go running through the jungle by myself, I took a water taxi to the larger island of Bocas to go for a run. When I got back, the woman who owned the hostel informed me that Chris had not moved from the hammock on the pier the entire day, except to occassionally check his email.

Chris: We did go and check out Wizard beach while we were there, but the mood was a bit sour. The day before a young female backpacker went swimming in the waves, and by the time their friends found her it was too late. She got pulled out too deep and drowned. A Canadian couple we befriended back in Corcovado got to the island the day before us, and unfortunately were there with the body for 5 hours until a local boat finally came. While I enjoyed the cheap lobster dinner and hearing about their last day in the jungle(when we last saw them), this news was a bit disheartening. Not a happy story, but one of those reminders that when locals or your guidebook seriously warn you about safety, listen to them.

A couple days before Bocas del Toro, where I thoroughly enjoyed laying all day in the hammock playing my guitar, we stopped at a cool mountain of Boquete. We took the ”map” our whacked out hostel owner drew me(between obsessively rubbing his face and laughing maniacally), but tossed it in the garbage. We had some of the best coffee not grown in Guatemala, and happened upon an open Garden house. Not sure what it was there for, but we freely walked in the backyard among brightly colored flowers and running streams. The climate is near perfect, and almost everyone has flowers in their yard, and fresh fruit.


Laura: You can´t go to Panama without visiting the Panama Canal, so we headed to Panama City. The canal is am impressive series of locks about 50 miles long. We visited Miraflores Lock where we watched a cargo ship and a passerger ship pass through. However, be warned that watching a ship go through the system of locks can be somewhat anticlimatic, as it takes each ship about 8 hours to get from one side of the canal to the other. Most ships are built to the dimensions of the canal which is only 33 meters wide and 300 meters long.

While visiting the City Park, we walked up to a lookout point for a panoramic view of the city. On our way back down, we passed a pond full of turtles. As we walked by, we startled a lizard, which ran across the water. We realized we had found a group of Jesus Christ Lizards, named for their ability to ¨walk¨on water, or run very quickly using the surface tension of their legs and tail.

Next flight out is for Peru in South America.

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One response

31 03 2008

The picture with Lil Chris in the hammock with guitar, and no one in sight but the water, I could handle that. Guess I need to learn how to play guitar.

Has anyone asked you to sing a diddy? I’m assuming that’s frustrating since no one will get the Tom Waits or Boob Scotch reference. You tortured soul.

Yeah, I called you Lil Chris……..it’s all I got.

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