Water, Water, Everywhere

17 07 2008

 Posted by: Laura,

Travel date: 5.5.08

So the real Indiana Jones (as in Harrison Ford) fought most of his scenes at Universal Studios in Hollywood. But Steven Spielburg combined footage from Iguazu Falls, a massive waterfall located at the border of Argentina and Brazil.

We took an overnight bus from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina. From this town, you can walk to a point in the river that divides Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. However, it is anticlimatic since all you can see is dense, green jungle on each side. You can tour the falls from both Argentina and Brazil, but we only planned to see the Argentinian side.  The Brazilian Immigration used to allow people to cross the border and see the falls without obtaining a visa, but changed that policy as of January of this year. 

Our first stop at the falls was the Garganta del Diablo or the Devil’s Throat, where water gushes over the edge of a semi circular shaped dropoff. On the Argentinian side, a system of walkways allows you to get very close to the falls which drop about 250 feet. The spray from the water crashing below creates a hazy mist in the air. (Note: we did not take the first picture shown here).



The huge system of walkways is connected by a train. The other sections give you views of the top and bottom of the falls as well as a panorama view of a wall of water that pours over the green vegetation. You can also take a 12 minute boat ride and get drenched by the falls.


Perhaps the most unexpected part of our visit to the falls were these cute little coati (a cousin of the raccoon), who would run up and steal any food left unattended at the snack bars and picnic area.

This dulgue of water is one of the more impressive natural wonders we have seen.

Click here to see pictures of Iguazu Falls***



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