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  • Just 2 Southerners from Jackson Mississippi on the road until the wallets go dry. That or until one of us cracks and goes completely awol, in which case the other will document with pictures and detailed stories. Consider it a “social experiment.”


I don´t think that Chris´ parents realized that naming him after the patron saint for travelers would lead to his enthusiasm for wandering around the globe. Maybe they just thought he was wierd when he refused to throw out his boxes of playground rocks when he was in college. I don´t think they realized his “rock collections” would lead him to major in Anthropology at OleMiss and later to spend a few weeks in Bulgaria on an archeological dig. Needless to say, his parents were shocked when we told them we were quitting our jobs and traveling around the world for a year. Chris enjoyed working at CNET and thoroughly enjoyed making fun of vegetarians, the PAC 10, and tree-hugging Berkley hippies(not the general insult, these guys who really do hug trees). I´m still not sure how Chris is going to live for an entire year without watching 18 hours of NFL (that doesn´t include time spent reading the Titans message board OR looking at his fantasy team). If you know of an NFL withdrawal support group please email him. On this trip Chris is growing his hair out. So be sure to check out the mullet in its different stages. You can even post comments on his hair style if you´d like.


Wandering is just a polite word for ”lost,” which pretty much explains why Laura decided to take a full year off: it’s gonna take her that long to actually find her way back to the US. Putting her english major from Emory to good use, Laura is constantly trying to educate the youth of America and even got her Masters from Stanford in Teaching English this past year. She narrowly escaped total mental and emotional breakdown(hoorah for higher education) and packed up figuring that the experience would only add to her intense studies. I should know, since she feels the need to enlighten me about every last detail regarding the methods and theory behind education. That’s right, one companion for an entire year. The other reason to travel: the world to her is just one big cross-country trail. If we´re gonna start talking about obsessions, running certainly has to be Laura´s. Her family thinks the travelling thing is great since, to qoute one family member, ”Laura’s gonna do whatever the hell Laura wants to do, so why bother arguing?” I’d write more about her, but I don’t know where she is and must find her. Seriously. Besides, she’s gonna edit this post anyway and point out my poor grammar (for the record this trip is 100% her idea, so parents blame her if we aren´t back for Christmas–my hands are clean).


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15 12 2007

Yeah! Chris, how are you going to survive your cravings for watching these endless football hours in the dark room?!?!? when it’s actually beautiful outside and the sun is soaking up the yard, the porch, the hammock — all unbeknownst to you —-

15 12 2007


4 08 2008
Jason Jolly

I want to see some DANCING!!!!

Hope all is well. Travel safely and much love.


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