Photos & Map


Pictures at Flickr –> Click here to check out all the trip pictures

No more Travellerspoint, Flickr is a much cleaner site and hopefully will make uploading and organizing the pictures much easier for us.  It’s a much easier wesbsite to navigate, though probably still to complicated for one of my friends who claimed not to be able to figure out “this dangfangled computer contraption.” He also believes “it’s just a phase” and “will never last.”

Map at Flickr –> Click here

The map is also interactive, so you can click on the dots to see the pictures taken at that location.

Map at Travellerpoint –> Click here

While we are no longer uploading our pictures to Travellerspoint, we are keeping our map up to date (relatively up to date).


5 responses

6 12 2007
Gina W (CNET)

Hey guys!

I hope u guys are having a blast traveling! where are the pictures from the trip! I want to see!!

When are you guys coming back to California?
Take care and don’t get robbed!!!

8 12 2007
Anna Rose

What is going on?
I will try to read some of the posts now, but I thought I would leave a meaningless message before I forgot to do so.
I love you two,
Anna Rose

31 01 2008
Brister DeCell

Hi there!
Missy and I are reviewing your intinerary. Where are you going to be in Thailand? Sept is a good month for us to fly over there. Would you like to stay in a Marriott Vacation Club villa on Phuket Island for a night or two? Let us know.
Brister and Missy

16 06 2008
Taylor C.

My jealousy over your trip has festered and morphed itself into a blind hatred of you both, I’m going to hire a small South American boy to find you and kick you both in the shins.

17 07 2008
Anna Rose

You are so clever. I love “When it Rains, It Snows.” So great. And Laura, why didn’t you use the pepper spray on the guy robbing you? I have a couple of ideas. You knew it would get in your own and Chris’ eyes and hurt. Or you were out of pepper spray? I am so glad that guy didn’t get Chris’ gadget. What a triumph! He really didn’t know with whom he was dealing. He should have seen you play WR.

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