Along the way you encounter some pretty strange things. Quotes, local customs, etc. Check back here every once in awhile for updates.


4 responses

17 07 2008
Anna Rose

I left a comment under Photos and Map. I don’t know why I left it there. I can’t believe I know you two. You are amazing.

6 08 2008

You go, guys!!
Great photos and fun commentary!

I am sooo looking forward to seeing you again ……..


3 11 2008

Hope all is well. We check your site from time to time and love keeping up with you. What an adventure. Can’t wait to see you.

4 12 2008
Katie Manchester

Hey guys!

Just wanted to know that I read your posts periodically and thoroughly enjoy them. The photos are all amazing, too. You’re definitely bringing back my wanderlust.

It doesn’t look like we’ll be in Jackson this year for the holidays, but if you’re ever near Houston, please look me (and Pooja!) up.


PS. Stay safe! I’m with everybody else on the robbing thing, but don’t let your guard down just cause you’re almost home!

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